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Our Unique Value Proposition

We would like to develop SpacePark as an internationally recognised ecosystem that would create world class products, services and research. Apart from the sprawling physical infrastructure, the Unique value for the stakeholders operating from SpacePark would be as follows

Common Facilities

We plan to create three levels of common facilities - Test & simulation infrastructure, design & simulation software, and Common Data Services catalogue. These common facilities should help both upstream and down stream Space Tech companies

Experts Pool

Expert pool from both National and International level SpaceTech Organisations are essential for the ecosystem as SpaceTech involves deep Technology knowledge, and Organisations will find experts availability as mentors, advisors , reviewers as a major asset for them

Global Partnerships

We will strive to strike partnerships with National and International Agencies and Organisations that will act as corridors for our companies to operate internationally and for international companies to work from India

Nano SpacePark

Nano SpacePark

Nano SpacePark is a dedicated place for Startups & SMEs who are into designing, manufacturing and assembling Sub-Systems and Components of Satellites, Launchers and other products relating to Space Technology domain. Govt plans to aggregate / build the Common facilities required for such organisations to create optimal and efficient products from the spacePark



Space Technology Application Development Ecosystem (STADE) is the second important element of SpacePark, where we promote s/w companies, who work on the onboard computing systems and / or on the data provided by Satellites for multiple Business uses. STADE will be developed as a modern set of office spaces with high end internet links, connectivity to open data from various satellite sources, design software and other common facilities required for the companies to operate efficiently from our ecosystem


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